IT PINOY salary – competitive!

according to ZDNet Asia, we – IT PINOY’s – are receiving above-average salaries compared to our counterparts in other professions. however most of us lack IT certifications, which our neighbors have.

also mentioned is that the IT PINOY receive an average annual pay of US$12,425 (Php500,736) (this according to ZDNet Asia IT Salary Benchmark Survey 2008). wow! totoo ba ito? kewl!

also mentioned is this, “This wage level, high by national standards, put the country in sixth place after Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India, which have annual salaries of between US$13,864 and US$76,851. The Philippines is just a notch higher over last placer Indonesia, which had a US$7,709 average annual salary.

more of the story here.

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