java programming – for kids?????

oh yep, they’re kidding us right? if not, this is aught to be kewl!

you might have already guessed that i tend towards sun and java, well that’s because i do java/j2ee for quite a number of years now…. that’s why when i learned about this new concept of sun to teach programming for kids – it just struck me! i remember my friend’s nephew already have web development and he’s in grade 4!!!!

glad to know that programming isn’t just for adults any longer. yep! let’s start these kids @ an early stage! let’s start them now!

just tried greenfoot – it currently has seven scenarios – wombats, lunar lander, turtle graphics, robots, ants, bricks, and lifts.

i tried ant where there’s a few anthills, food sources, and lots! (i mean lots!) of ants roaming around to find food. they leave trails called “pheromones” (hmmm kala ko naguusap sila hahaha see i just learned something new!) so that others can follow the trail! kewl!

the kewler part is that you can view the source codes, modify, compile and play it again! wow!

these are just but some of the kewl java games for kids, click on the image or learn more here!

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