java love

found this in hivelogic, thought it was funny and true!

Ernie: great. the test server now crashes when i declare a boolean variable. great. friggin wonderful.
hivelogic: in java, no one can hear you scream
Ernie: “Type mismatch: cannot convert boolean to java.lang.Boolean.”
hivelogic: yes, that’s correct
Ernie: all i have is “Boolean noFields = true;”
hivelogic: a boolean isn’t a Boolean
hivelogic: lower case
Ernie: oh jeezus H christ
hivelogic: Boolean is an object
hivelogic: boolean is not
hivelogic: you want a boolean
hivelogic: not a Boolean
hivelogic: My java mentor once told me “When Java appears to be doing something weird, it’s always the programmer.”
Ernie: i know i know
Ernie: i still blame you

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