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top IT Pinoy services for 2009

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Ovum, an I.T. advisory and consulting firm will soon release a report detailing the top I.T. services that the country should focus on for 2009. “The Ovum Eight” report identifies the different I.T. service issues that the country should address to help survive the current volatile economy.

Eamonn Kennedy – a practice leader of Ovum’s I.T. services team says, “In this challenging economy, IT services providers will need to navigate a host of new and continuing challenges as they attempt to maintain and grow their business.”

these are the topics discussed in the report:
1. cloud computing
2. quality assurance and security
3. high-pressure I.T.
4. retained organizations
5. fixing bpo
6. waste not, want not
7. enterprise 2.0
8. economic flux

read more from http://www.itmatters.com.ph


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