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PINOY govt. website hacked!

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inquirer.net reported that the department of trade and industry’s (dti) web site have been defaced by supposed foreign hackers.

this is just an alarming call to our local government’s IT divisions to not only pay attention to content and layout of their pages, moreso they should focus on securing their web sites against these malicious hackers.

check out Inquirer.net for more news info.

(image link from inquirer.net)



2 responses to “PINOY govt. website hacked!”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    The site you saw were the old DTI website that were hacked more than once already. DTI have developed a new one which will be formally released to public soon and being hosted by a different provider. It is unfortunate that there are people in this world that can do such thing to a respectable governtment agency.


  2. PILIPINAS.IT Avatar

    this is good news! thanks!


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