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Big Sites Start Small

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i started IT PINOY! around four months ago all for the purpose of sharing my passion in IT (and of course get a chance to earn some money as well). and for three months now i’ve seriously considered (and pushed back) buying my own domain.

thoughts like, what if work gets in the way and i couldn’t find time anymore to sustain this blog? it’s a shame to see lots of websites that hasn’t been updated – really! or what if this blogging thing didn’t click as i hoped it would be? what if i didn’t know what to write anymore????

reading rosshill’s blog made me rethink everything.. this is how amazon when they started!

they’ve surely gone a long way!!! quite inspiring, isn’t it?? hmmm let me see if i’ll gonna buy my own domain this week and make IT PINOY! a full-pledged IT PINOY playground?!!!


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