Philippine Poll Automation

the commission on elections (COMELEC) recently laid out it’s plans to automate the 2010 elections. all i can say is – it’s about time!

did you know that the COMELEC automation law was passed as early as around 1997? RA8436 and later an amendment RA9369, “authorizing the commission on elections to use an automated election system in the may 11, 1998 national or local elections and in subsequent national and local electoral exercises, to encourage transparency, credibility, fairness and accuracy of elections…”

wow that’s almost ten years in the making!! so what happened? why did it take this long?

first there have been questions on which technology would be best to use and of course the bidders themselves had issues as both winners and losers pointed ways to disqualify each other. this also became a political playground for some – there have been rumors such people behind namfrel are related to potential bidders.

now i’m no politician (nor do i like politics) and i don’t know the certainty of the reasons why the COMELEC automation took this long. but as an IT PINOY who have witnessed how far our country has grown in technology, i’m just glad with the recent events and is looking forward that things pushes through in 2010!

One thought on “Philippine Poll Automation

  1. Almost 10 years?.,Automation may be one of the most significant move the government could take for faster election counting but it doesn't really assure us that cheating and fraud in the 2010 elections will be eliminate,so everyone should also be cautious about that.Join movement such as “Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo” “Ako Mismo” and more.Still,we should guard our vote.


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