are you always on the go yet always online firing up twitter updates about yourself? you might consider

launched around jan ’09, tweetube (which got it’s take from tweetpic) allows you to post your own videos as well as share your fav youtube videos via tweeter.

i just tried it today and finally got hold of Bill Gates emptying the jar of mosquitoes @ TED video and sharing it on the itpinoy tweeter, still can’t get over this crazy news haha!

although tweetube still got some limitations like sharing embedded codes, retweet and/or posting to facebook, it’s still worth the see. it’s kewl, try it!!!

learn more from []

3 thoughts on “tweetube

  1. unlike youtube, with tweetube you can immediately share your videos to whoever listens to your tweet account, also tweetube doesnt host the vids, you just share it via tweeter… you can do almost the same thing with youtube, post comments etc.. but tweetube is something like a beta so there are limitations like you can not have embedded codes there


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