skype away!

five years after it’s launch, skype is now the largest long-distance phone company!

skype‘s cross-border traffic grew approximately 41% in ’08 to 33B mins – equivalent to 8% of combined intl. telephone + skype traffic.

now, with the “skype for SIP” beta program released, wherein they have now enabled traditional business phone communication to go through skype, things are expected to look even brighter.

for the IT PINOY‘s, skype is a free software that offers VOIP call service. you can do calls to landline, mobile, pc-to-pc (skype-to-skype) anywhere in the world to anyone who’s online. for skype-to-skype, you can do free calls, video calls and messages.

the skype rates are cheaper compared to other local services like pldt, globe and smart. check out the rates [here]


One thought on “skype away!

  1. Im planning to buy (PC less) skype wireless phone with 220V adaptor and possible router for wifi to connect the phone. Do you know where I can buy one in the Phil because most of the skype phones and router sold by skype have 110v only. please email me at Thank you


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