Can You Give Up Technology this Lent?

for the christiandom, lent usually is when people stop to consider their deeds and revisit their relationship with god. this is also when they spend time with their families and loved ones while enjoying their summer escape.

with the advent of blogging, gadgets and tools, can we really give up technology as a means of sacrifice? listed eight tech indulgences we can give up for lent:

1) facebook (friendster/myspace etc.) – can you fathom the thought of not auto-uploading your kewl summer outfitted pics and share it with the world?
2) emails – are you always checking your in-box? even while hearing the mass/service? geez, adik!
3) twitter – okay you can say, its only 150char less, do you have the EQ not to shout that you’re currently swooning @ the kewl sexy babe by the beach?
4) subscriptions/rss feeds – seriously can all these clutter wait?
5) mobile, laptop, psp, iphone, ipod – after 6hrs of travel by air, sea and land, seriously all you’ll gonna do is nibble your psp?
6) instant messaging – by now i guess your fingers are itchy, can’t an “away” status suffice?
7) checking your other email accounts – c’mon, just how many email accounts do you manage?
8) youtube – need i say more?

note that it’s not my intent to persuade you to do a little sacrifice this holy week, but just in case you do – can you do a tech fasting instead?

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2 thoughts on “Can You Give Up Technology this Lent?

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