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Hack and Win 100M

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Philippine Senator Alan Peter Cayetano just filed a resolution to grant Php100Mil to IT PINOYs who can hack the automated poll system.

this is in response to COMELEC‘s claims that the automated poll system set to run for next year’s national elections is hack-proof.

COMELEC should cancel the contract, save the P11 billion and sue for damages the contractor in the event of such successful hacking,” the senator said.

there had been long debates in the past about companies paying hackers to show system flaws. and i sincerely think this could be a motivation for “good-intentioned” IT PINOYs to test the system.

however, paying hackers just to deface a system’s vulnerability is also like inviting hungry sharks who are always in the look for a scent of blood! thought we should be mindful of what we’re asking for.

i’m afraid this could also give bad impression especially to the younger IT PINOYs, that there’s money in hacking. the intention is all good but hacking is just pretty strong. of course this is just my five cents!

read more [inquirer.net]

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2 responses to “Hack and Win 100M”

  1. macobex Avatar

    I don\’t know what should I feel with this news. But it is interesting. It\’s a very good decision that the senator pull this off. We need a reliable system for a very critical event: voting. Also, you said that young IT pinoys might think that there is money in hacking. I think there\’s nothing wrong with that. hacking is not bad, i mean being a certified ethical hacker is not bad. They are the hackers paid to test systems right? and still they are called hackers and what they are doing is still hacking.anyway. thanks for the news pal.


  2. crease Avatar

    comelec shouldn\’t have claimed something like that on the first place…securing systems like that auto poll would be a very good game for white hats and a very good toy for the black hatsif someone successfully hacks the system, comelec could *permanently* lose its credibilitynice thought… pinoys are really taking IT into action.. hehe


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