GSIS Fires IT Head

faced by the ongoing issue of system failures, the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) recently sacked it’s Information Technology Services Group (ITSG) Sr VP for allegedly entering into illegal and questionable deals with Questronix Corp. and IBM Philippines.

Edilberto P. Ocampo was said to be dismissed after being found liable for entering into multi-million peso contracts with IBM without authority and into anomalous contracts with Questronix.

i don’t know what benefit this would do with the current issues they’re facing with their system unable to handle voluminous data (and crashing!), a pending case against IBM/Questronix, plus of course processing of pension still being delayed. (i just remembered earlier this week when i had to take the MRT and heard GSIS’ appeal to the Filipinos for understanding and still blaming IBM for this mess up).


5 thoughts on “GSIS Fires IT Head

  1. Dismissed only? he should be in jail. These kind of anomalies repeat over and over, and what do the guilty party gets? Just being relieved.


  2. I think GSIS should have done more than just fire their IT head. Right now, GSIS needs to resolve their system issues quickkly since they are a government agency and their IT system should be able to handle any amount of data without crashing. Our company chose Imaginet to do just that. They can monitor IT networks, servers and systems. They're also a member of the Quadra Alliance. They can help GSIS with the Data Management. The IT system in our business is protected by Imaginet and we have not yet encountered any issues. GSIS could definitely benefit from a change from Questronix Corp.You should check them out


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