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Apple Launches iPad

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the long wait is over, Apple’s very own tablet, iPad has arrived and everyone’s already waiting in line to own one!

these are some of the tech specs:

height/width: 9.56in / 7.47in
weight: 1.5lbs (wi-fi model); 1.6lbs (wi-fi+3G)
display: 9.7in and fingerprint-resistant (kewl!)
capacity: 16gb/32gb/64gb flash drive
processor: 1GHz Apple A4 custom
battery: built-in 25whr battery (rechargeable), up to 10hrs life, usb power adapter
I/O: built-in speaker, mic, sim card tray
it has also a built-in browser (safari), mail video, and can run about 140k apps @ your fingertips!

some key features are missing though, like a webcam, ability to play flash and do multi-tasking. in essence, it’s just like a BIG iTouch!

nonetheless, if you’re thinking of buying a netbook or kindle, you might want to think again… cause you can get this kewl baby for as low as $499!!!!

read more about iPad @ http://www.apple.com/ipad



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