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COMELEC Prepares Against Signal Jammers

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there have been a buzz that a huge shipment of signal jammers is to arrive the country, which raises suspicion especially from COMELEC since this might be used against the poll automation

for the IT PINOYs, a signal jammer is a small, low-powered transmitter that interferes with receivers in an area around the jammer. the radius of the area will depend on the power of the jammer. the jammer signal will be “seen” by the receiver and it won’t then be able to “see” the little signal of the remotely located transmitter that it is trying to “look at” before you turn on your jammer.

COMELEC spokesperson James Jimenez however stated they have “countermeasures to protect against loss of signal or absence of signal. That is the first thing we are paying attention to.” he further added that there are also anti-jammers that they could use against this possible threat.

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