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Oh Buoy! Toshiba Tubetop is fun!

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summer is definitely on and a kewl way for IT PINOYs to celebrate it is to swim in the pool or on a beach and still be connected via their laptops! how? check out Toshiba Tubetop, the latest in aquatic computing and the world’s first inflatable laptop.

oh buoy! this will gonna be fun! (and gives us IT PINOYs no excuse not to work :() 
read more [laptops.toshiba.com/tubetop] make sure you check the pricing and be surprised! 🙂


3 responses to “Oh Buoy! Toshiba Tubetop is fun!”

  1. Ken Wooi Avatar

    sure looks fun.. haha =D


  2. James Avatar

    cooool haha isn't this April Fools'?


  3. PILIPINAS.IT Avatar

    yep, it's one of those best april fools joke out there 😉


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