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Philippine Poll Automation 90% Ready

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IT PINOY has been following the Philippine Poll Automation for quite some time now, it’s Absentee Overseas voting in Hongkong and Singapore started slow but was relatively smooth.

Philippine President Candidate Senator Manny Villar and his VP candidate Sen. Loren Legarda, got the very first votes cast in the automated system but the results will not be known until after May 10.

although there were some glitches in two precincts in Hongkong, COMELEC is confident saying Philippines is 90% ready for the May 10 polls.

to learn more details how to use the new system, see this video:

know more [comelec.gov.ph]



2 responses to “Philippine Poll Automation 90% Ready”

  1. fetus Avatar

    the dubious transactions that happened in the procurement of the machines, smartmatic winning the contract and then subcontracting it to another company, all these points out to a possible rip-off that's going to happen. as what de quiros prophesies, it will make the \”hello garci\” scandal a low-budget movie.but, i'm ever positive that we will have a successful elections. but of course, we must still be on guard.


  2. tuning car Avatar

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