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We Want WePad

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the biggest technological stuff right now thinks it’s always about “I” and “Me’s” well Neofonie begs to differ as they introduce WePad.

“To us, the power of many beats the power of one. That’s why we came up with the WePad: It’s the smarter solution for enjoying the Internet your way. Why? Because when you’re locked in, you get the Internet their way. It’s the opposite of free. Being told what you can see, what you can buy, and all the things you can not do – somehow, that just seems so 1984.”

WePad aims to be the direct competitor of Apple’s iPad, the main diff? it’s built on a platform based on Android and Linux, which means developers can creates apps freely and that any existing Android app will readily run on WePad.

see more [http://wepad.mobi/en]


One response to “We Want WePad”

  1. erwinator Avatar

    seems nice… we'll have to see about the battery life.


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