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Upsidedown is a WordPress theme design that brings blog posts rising above inverted header and footer components.

here’s an infographic showing the average salaries around the world, surprisingly IT PINOYs came in the lowest. 

Graphic Designers: $5,657.71 (Php243,281 or Php18,713/month) 
Web Developer: $6,873.83 (Php295,574 or Php22,736/month) 
Senior Web Developer: $9,054.33 (Php389,336 or Php29,949/month) 
Software Developer: $7,521.83 (Php323,439 or Php24,880/month) 
Web Designer: $4,244.28 (Php182,504 or Php14,039/month) 
Senior Web Designer: $7,190.59 (Php309,195 or Php23,784/month) 
Medical Transcriptionist: $3,112.47 (Php133,836 or Php10,295/month)

c/o yugatech.com


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