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the facebook breakup letter

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dear facebook,

today marks our 10th year together, i must say it has been a sweet journey. unfortunately, time has come for me to walk away.

i had high hopes for us when we started, especially at the time when my heart still beat for… what was her name again? ahh friendster (may she rest in peace). but you were all smile and poised, a neatly uniformed college girl full of hopes and overflowing with excitement. you had me at one poke!

through you i bravely opened up my thoughts to the world. i was able to connect with old and new friends. you bridged time, the longitudes and the latitudes. i got found and new relatives were discovered. once a year you even make me famous sending out birthday reminders. with you, i was a kid in a playground, swiping up or down till the wee hours, unconditionally tagging anyone and gleefully enjoying your games.

know that i am glad to have witnessed you grow – your fun emojis, crazy virals, and live videos i will sorely miss. oh i always thought it’s cool you instantly recognized faces in photos (cool but creepy) and i thought its cute you knew what i’ve been searching and offering them up as ads on my wall (cute but creepy). but you’ve also shown great heart organizing fundraising events and ways for me to know my loved ones were safe during crisis.

but like others, you had moments of insecurities – you surely changed your wardrobe a lot! how many times i’ve seen you moved your timelines and feeds around (when i felt the last time looked fine)? you were understandably demanding asking me to always checkin and share photos/vids of where i’ve been. and oh, you just couldn’t forget things do you – old memories keep popping up!

as i’ve come to know you more, i’ve learned you carry baggages too. you were quite a nag, you’ve let everyone post just literally anything they wanted – things that’s sometimes need not be shared nor really mattered. instead of mature talk, you’ve let people berate others in a faceless wall! trolls and bullies abound. i hated the violent graphic posts, but i hated the spoilers most! you’ve let fake news take over the gullible. and just this week i learned data of your 87 million users have been breached! being with you have become sadly toxic.

i’ve tried to quit you many times before and wondered what’s with you that i keep going back? nope, not this time though. know that it’s not you, it’s me.. and my need to live in the moment and declutter my life.

so i guess this is it! my final post. this is where we part ways. i genuinely wish you the best. thank you and you will always have a piece of my heart (and data) forever.

sincerely logging off,


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