Bookmark: Make Your Website Build Itself — EzylivingHub

Spend your precious time building your business, not your website… COVID-19 has shaken the world to its core, especially towards the workforce. Companies has stated to realize the need to go online as soon as possible – trying to stay afloat against their competitors. Thus, millions of jobs have been replaced by technology and those […]

Bookmark: Make Your Website Build Itself — EzylivingHub

COVID19 disrupted businesses and consumption with stay-at-homes and lockdowns enforced in key states and/or cities across the globe. This pushed owners, specially the small-medium businesses, to rethink their approach by adapting technology to offer their services/goods to consumers.

Major companies respond to demand shifts through digital transformation. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella observed at the end of April, “We have seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months” among enterprise customers—and the result of those investments will persist long after the crisis.

In a survey of Fortune 500 CEOs, 63% said COVID19 crisis accelerated their technological investment despite financial pressures. These IT investments will focus on specific business-model innovations to address new opportunities, rather than increase the use of digital technologies in general. Read more []

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