2020 Tokyo Olympics is finally here!

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics officially started! The ceremony however was odd as it didn’t bring the usual razzmatazz of past Olympiad openings – mainly due to an empty stadium but more so because Japan is still battling a recent spike of COVID 19 cases.

The performances felt distant, even the torch relay looked like they didn’t practice, but the usual Olympics motto “Stronger, Higher, Faster” appended with the word “Together” timely tells us all that we can learn to live and survive this pandemic together. The fact the organizers still pushed through with the events just shows how resilient humankind is.

The fireworks were still amazing!

John Lennon’s “Imagine” playing along the 1800+ flying drones that formed a globe was just breath-taking.

But the Olympics pictogram performance was just outrageous and somehow a homage to those funny Japanese shows 🙂

The event will run through July 23 to August 8 in Tokyo, Japan. Check out more olympics.com.


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