the advent of the internet and blogging engaged me to start my own as early as in 2004 – i was just posting daily musings. then people started liking and subscribing to my posts and i did the same – the individual stories made the world much closer. as an IT consultant i noticed back then limited blogs about the information technology industry and those that existed were either focused on latest gadget reviews or actual programming – but i have always been in between. in october 2008 i launched ITPINOY.BLOGSPOT.COM (and committed to daily posts), later the blogging industry noticed and it became a finalist to the Philippine Blog Awards, there-after i rebranded as PILIPINAS.IT. years later with the priorities of life took me away and now having established in the USA, i went back to personal blogging and in 2020 now IMAPINOY.TECH!

why a blog

as a programmer we write codes to fulfill a high-level purpose. each syntax, each line exists to support a previous and the line after. most often new programmers unfortunately lose sight of an overall goal why we do what we’re asked to do. this realization happened to me about a decade in the industry when a bug in the code from another group stopped doctors to initiate a surgery to a patient who’s all ready in an operating table – because of a bug that has stopped the system. see, each line of code is alive and will matter. a blog no matter how small it may be, i know will contribute to something bigger than myself.

why this blog

i attended the SUN Tech Days in Manila, Philippines in 2007, the speakers posted a question and a challenge to us filipinos, “aside from the infamous I LOVE YOU virus what else can you PINOYs contribute to the technology world? can you create the next google or youtube?” later that day i asked will it ever even happen? not just be copycats and come up with giggle or youtsup?

i hope this blog will be a good start to answer that challenge. i want to make that change no matter how small it might be. i believe there’s too many brilliant PINOY technologists out there even far better than i, so feel free to post suggestions and together let’s elevate the PINOY Tech community.