Research Show Online Bashers are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists…Woah!

Internet changed how people communicate with each other – distance is no longer a barrier and time did not matter.  no wonder when PINOYs discovered these communication options, they felt free; they flocked and thrived these social media sites.  unfortunately along the way, some have lost their manners.

according to, an Internet Troll (or locally referred to as Online Basher) is someone who comes into a discussion and posts comments designed to upset or disrupt the conversation. often, in fact, it seems like there is no real purpose behind their comments except to have fun or upset everyone else involved.  trolls will lie, exaggerate, and bash (offend) to get a response. 

a Canadian research found evidences that linked bashing with the “Dark Tetrad” of personality traits: narcissism, machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism. 

  • Narcissism – is characterized by grandiosity (pagka-engrande), pride (kayabangan), and a lack of empathy (walang pakialam)
  • Machiavellianism – is characterized by manipulation and exploitation of others (mapansamantala), and a focus on self-interest and deception (makasarili at mapanlinlang)
  • Psychopathy – is characterized by enduring antisocial behavior (mapag-sarili), impulsivity (di pinag-iisipan ang ginagawa), selfishness (maramot), and remorselessness (walang awa).

PINOYs being one of the top social media users in the world, actively take part in what is popular and trending (uso). since the Internet offers anonymity, it is so easy to express oneself with reckless disregard.

several PINOY personalities have responded to online bashing, and when faced with one, remember:

  • they find pleasure in your suffering 
  • choose your battles, bashers are difficult people to deal with
  • the best thing you can do is pause, pray, and ignore them 


Periscope Rises during Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

billed as the fight of the century, the Mayweather-Pacquiao live stream was undoubtedly the most searched words last May 2. the fight distributors however actively sought illegal live streams on that day, good thing there was Periscope.

Periscope is a mobile app which allows users do live streams. their goal was to discover the world through someone else’s eyes. learn more:

oh! our Pacman may have lost (sad day indeed), he’s still the people’s champ!

Pacquiao vs Mayweather

AT LAST!!! The much-awaited fight between two boxing greats will finally happen!!!  It’s Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr!

like in the past, PILIPINAS.IT once again shows full support to our PINOY-pride Manny Pacquiao.

can the 8-Division Champ solve the Floyd puzzle and put a dent on his unblemished 0-loss record? the odds are against the Filipino pride this time, but this is a new Manny Pacquiao – fighting for God’s glory with a renewed spirit and backed up by a country that has survived a lot. we can only hope and pray for good things on May 2.  

kapit mga PINOYs!!!!

Facebook – Tille Death and Beyond

ever wondered what happens to your Facebook profile when you (heaven forbid) pass away? Facebook aims to retain your “virtual social legacy” by letting you assign your “Legacy Contact.”

1. Go to Settings > Security > Legacy Contact
2. Specify a name as Legacy Contact (you have the option to send them a message to let them know, or they will be notified when Facebook becomes aware of your passing).
3. Select whether you like you to have data archiving or if you prefer your account be deleted.

Over 50 Ways to Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 Live Stream (FREE)

PILIPINAS.IT once again show full support to the PINOY-pride Manny Pacquiao. our champ is out to redeem himself and will try to rise up once more, this time against Timothy Bradley.

Pacquiao recently won again Brandon Rios, but all eyes now in this fight whether he can win over the same person who beat him two fights ago. can the 8-Division Champ redeem himself? 

search no more as we have listed below blogs or sites, which were either tested working in manny’s past fights or have offered free live streams:

Twitterverse may follow top hash tags – #pacquiaovsbradley or #pacquiao.

Facebook pages as well have been created promising live stream links such as  Watch Pacquiao vs Rios: The Clash in Cotai

you may also use peer-to-peer tools such as Sopcast and RVU.  the following Sopcast channels have worked in Pacquiao’s last fights, better check them if they’d be online:

  • sop://
  • sop://
  • sop://
  • sop://
  • sop://
  • sop://
  • sop://
  • sop://
  • sop://
  • sop://
  • sop://
*to watch via sopcast, install the player download [here], after installing the software, launch and login as anonymous, check out CCTV-5 under sports menu. some of the links above promised to post channels where you can watch too!!

through TVU, download the play [here], check out the Sports section and select 63983 Wrestling 24/7 channel

or you can also hang out to several places in metro manila to watch the fight (while munching something), check out []

kapit mga PINOYs!!!


Are you an EXPERT?

here’s something to make any IT PINOY’s day.  those in the information technology industry surely would relate to this video.“The Expert” is a funny sketch about an engineer, along with his boss and the clients, and how he is committed to achieve a-seem-to-be-impossible-and-vague-task. 

it shows that management would want to get the client and thus avoid saying “no” to requirements, the clients get anxious whether the engineer (team) can do what they ask, and that most often than not, the clients didn’t really know what they wanted in the first place, yet expected things to be done, just because we are “experts.”

the viral vid was written and directed by Lauris Beinerts and was based on a short story, “The Meeting” by Alexey Berezin, see more details [here]

Google Recognizes Grace Hopper’s 107th Birthday

Google today recognizes via a doodle one of the pioneers in Information Technology, Grace Hopper.

Grace Brewster Murray worked on a device called the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator, which worked out flight trajectories for rockets and was later used by the Manhattan Project scientists to build the atomic bomb.

in the 50s, Hopper was able to convince government agencies to agree that programs should be written close to the English language (instead of machine codes – the 0’s and 1’s) thus Common Business Programming Language or COBOL was born. this later paved way for modern day computer languages.  she was also the one who coined “debugging” for they found a moth in a relay which affected their operation (this can be found in the Smithsonian Museum). 

known also as “Amazing Grace,” Hopper  served as director of the US Navy Programming Languages Group in the Navy’s Office of Information Systems Planning and ultimately rose to the rank of rear admiral.  

“The most important thing I’ve accomplished, other than building the compiler, is training young people. They come to me, you know, and say, ‘Do you think we can do this?’ I say, ‘Try it.’ And I back ’em up. They need that. I keep track of them as they get older and I stir ’em up at intervals so they don’t forget to take chances.”

she died in January 1992 and was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.  her work however lives up to today.. every time you withdraw cash from an ATM machine, it was her COBOL program you’re using 🙂