is it cloudy today?

oh yeah, you might have already heard of the latest buzzword in the market today called, “cloud computing.” if not, this is the perfect time for you to learn this!

i first heard of cloud computing only this year when i attended sun tech days in manila, and it easily got my attention. they say cloud computing in fact represented the internet (the cloud) in our network designs, mainly because what happens inside the cloud is abstracted to us the developers. the important thing is that data is sent through the cloud and we receive responses.

truth the matter is that there are many components here – like pipes, routers, servers, services etc.. cloud computing can be compared also to distributed computing, with these main differences:
– cloud computing self-heals
– cloud computing self-monitors
– cloud computing registers resources
– cloud computing automatically reconfigures

i’ll leave the technical details for you to search in the clouds.

but if you wanted to understand it more in plain english:

top app servers 2008

according to 700 software developers surveyed by evans data corporation (edc), the top app servers for 2008 are as follows:
– Adobe ColdFusion
– Apache Geronimo
– Oracle WebLogic Server (formerly BEA WebLogic Server)
– IBM WebSphere
– Red Hat JBoss
– Microsoft Windows Server 2003
– SAP NetWeaver
– Sun Java System Application Server/GlassFish

i’ve worked only with four of them and WAS is what i like most. it’s user/developer friendly, lots of docs/references which is critical when deploying large scale apps. for training and development (esp. for newbies, jboss and glassfish are probably the best since it’s open source and it will force you to do a lot of research because of missing techsupport hehehe).

weblogic, the first appserver i’ve used is kewl as well but too many features have been added, which i don’t find amusing anymore (plus it reminded me of a project i’ve worked with in the past where we used this and practically lived in the office for how many months!).

bukas lulubog ang araw?

nope, this is not a line from one of sharon cuneta’s movies! (sorry)

the IDG News Service recently reported a failing Q1FY09 revenue results for Sun Microsystems. hala!

dagdag pa, ang haring araw daw reported a preliminary loss ranging usd0.25-0.35 per share. this means their revenue for the quarter will be between usd2.95bn and usd3.05bn, which is down from usd3.22bn compared to last year.

ceo jonathan schwartz stated, “SUN and its customers are seeing the impact of a changing economy.

should the java community be worried @ all? i don’t think so, java has grown too big it’s not just SUN anymore. JAVA is now owned by everyone being open-source. but if this do happen, somehow things will still change…

we feel fine

okay, before anything else.. i have a question… do you blog?

if you do, i encourage you to watch
Jonathan Harris’ TED talk titled The Art of Collecting Stories.

now i don’t know if this is the next kewlest thing or what?
i tried it and the first thing that captured me was the smooth graphics, and the vast features like showing sentences in blogs/photos specific to a feeling. you can also filter it (by country, gender etc.)

i have my apprehensions though especially with security and privacy and stuff, but wow! this is but a new concept!!! it’s like youtube for blogs and more!!!! try it! visit

(you can read more here)

IT PINOY Report Q3 2008

according to the business monitor international (BMI) – in the next few years the Philippines is expected to be one with the highest IT growths here in asia.

it was mentioned that the market is driven by the country’s status as the destination for bpo operations and call centers, which account for around 30% of the IT market. hmmm!

and did you know that there is an ambitious five year plan for our sector worth usd$13bn by 2010? now really?!

other note-worthy items in the report are:

special focus: southern Philippines

industry developments: it is hoped (or prayed haha) that the gov’t will ensure tax incentives to continue to attract investors

pc brands: hp and acer are the the leading pc brands in the market (where white boxes still dominate). and hp prices will continue to fall, moreso pc initiatives will play a role in the driving growth

software: BMI expects 12% growth in software spending in 2008. while the software piracy rate reported by Business Software Association was 69% in 2007, down slightly from 71% in 2006.

services: vendors now are paying more attention to value-added services such as technical support and product troubleshooting and basic IT and hardware consulting.

e-readiness: a survey for the Philippines Institute for Development Studies has found that the Philippines is lagging compared to other Asian countries in terms of IT and internet use in businesses. part of this is due to lack infrastracture setup and trusting credit cards.

Business Monitor International (BMI) is a wholly independent, London-based company, which publishes specialist business information on global emerging markets for senior executives in more than 125 countries worldwide.

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java love

found this in hivelogic, thought it was funny and true!

Ernie: great. the test server now crashes when i declare a boolean variable. great. friggin wonderful.
hivelogic: in java, no one can hear you scream
Ernie: “Type mismatch: cannot convert boolean to java.lang.Boolean.”
hivelogic: yes, that’s correct
Ernie: all i have is “Boolean noFields = true;”
hivelogic: a boolean isn’t a Boolean
hivelogic: lower case
Ernie: oh jeezus H christ
hivelogic: Boolean is an object
hivelogic: boolean is not
hivelogic: you want a boolean
hivelogic: not a Boolean
hivelogic: My java mentor once told me “When Java appears to be doing something weird, it’s always the programmer.”
Ernie: i know i know
Ernie: i still blame you

IT PINOY’s in the current financial crisis

the world 2008 – was rocked by the grave news of lehman bro’s filling for bankruptcy and there have been many speculations that this could lead to the next u.s. great depression and how much would the ripple effect be to the rest of the world, especially the Philippines. (know more about the 2008 economic crisis here)
to the rest of us IT PINOY’s, should we concern ourselves with all of these? how much would the economic meltdown effect be in our field? should we even be worried?
there were discussions that the outsourcing would be stronger than ever (kasi nga we give cheap labor)
the last i.t. recession (as i called it) i remember was in 2000, where i myself was also a victim of the dot-com bubble. right after the millenium bug, many IT PINOY’s were sent home (from the usa) because just as big was .com’s popularity back then, ganun din kabilis ang pagbagsak nito. the main reason was the accumulative bad investments made! dahil sa biglang nagboom ang internet, many jumped into it at maraming impulsive investments ang nangyari to .com companies.
well i dont know about this year’s woes, read more from fredrick simon’s writeup and the for details of the events.
personally, i’m an optimistic guy, and like any IT PINOY if we just spend/invest wisely, i know we all can weather this.. tayo pa eh sanay naman tayo sa hirap!

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java programming – for kids?????

oh yep, they’re kidding us right? if not, this is aught to be kewl!

you might have already guessed that i tend towards sun and java, well that’s because i do java/j2ee for quite a number of years now…. that’s why when i learned about this new concept of sun to teach programming for kids – it just struck me! i remember my friend’s nephew already have web development and he’s in grade 4!!!!

glad to know that programming isn’t just for adults any longer. yep! let’s start these kids @ an early stage! let’s start them now!

just tried greenfoot – it currently has seven scenarios – wombats, lunar lander, turtle graphics, robots, ants, bricks, and lifts.

i tried ant where there’s a few anthills, food sources, and lots! (i mean lots!) of ants roaming around to find food. they leave trails called “pheromones” (hmmm kala ko naguusap sila hahaha see i just learned something new!) so that others can follow the trail! kewl!

the kewler part is that you can view the source codes, modify, compile and play it again! wow!

these are just but some of the kewl java games for kids, click on the image or learn more here!

IT PINOY vs india

hmmm interesting topic but i’ll try to be as objective as i can (and if i can’t help it, pls forgive me).

to give you a backgrounder, i’ve been in the IT industry for more done a dozen years now (whew! that long?) and i have had the chance to work with different nationalities and one of them are the indians. personally, i view the IT indians as smart, visionaries and technically @ par compared to others (sometimes even to us IT PINOY’s!)

pero napansin ko din na medyo ma-epal sila (nagtagalog nako haha) and they tend to make a simple point much bigger than they should be. on the other hand, they are very assertive and vocal about their thoughts that you will oftentimes easily get persuaded or lost by them.

while the IT PINOY’s are deep hooked into finishing up our programs, we tend to shy away from the limelight and take credit of our accomplishments. @ the same time, medyo may yabang din kasi tayo and unfortunately deep in our culture we have associated indians with motorbikes at nagpa5-6 (for those who don’t know, part of the philippine society are indians as moneylenders who always come in motobikes in their turbans. the 5-6 system is if you borrow 5thou you pay 6thou and many have gone bankrupt because of this).

right now i’m working with a multinational company who’s business transferred to manila from india mainly because of the high attrition rate there (or so we’re told). when they compared us to our counterparts, PINOY’s daw are good listeners and that working with us is lighter because we are just generally good natured people.

i remember the first java user group i joined comprised of 40% indians. i mean these guys really are making their mark in the IT world! just check out the IT forums and new groups – most who give out answers are indians! nasan na tayong mga pinoy? (or am i just not searching that hard enough hehehe)

this is a challenge to us – IT PINOY’s.

anyway these are just my point of view, read here what other say about this topic:

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