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there are so many things in life that needs to be cherished, but control too is necessary.

content validity and accuracy: most of the posts here are either built on top of existing stories or mainly viewed on a different angle. if there are bad links or misrepresentations, we appreciate you to please advise us, since these aren’t intended.

photos and images: most of the images here have been reused (from other sites/blogs) and the author doesn’t hold claim to them, unless specified.

content: this blog’s content is the full opinion and responsibility of the author (and author alone) and does not intend to express the views of the author’s employer, organization, government nor church. this blog aims to do no harm, may be to give advice but not to counsel. the contents here shouldn’t be taken as the absolute. this blog will not purposely malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or any one or any thing. so if you are simply having issues with the blog’s contents, you are free to move on to other blogs…

contributors: this blog is open to contributors, advertisers and friends who wishes to guest post here or as an advertorial. email @ pinoysgotit@gmail.com for details and other services.

language and internationalization: this blog is created by a Filipino. created primarily for the PINOYs. hence if there are languages that translates into a “bad” way or might have “crossed the borders” of your country’s laws, the author wouldn’t know that and should not be responsible for the translation or misinterpretation.

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