Deepfake Zoom Calls with Avatarify

Working remotely and attending video-conference calls going to be more exciting as a Computer Graphics developer developed Avatarify, an AI-powered software allowing use of “photorealistic avatars.”

Ali Aliev, a Computer Graphics from Moscow developed Avatarify, which processes video footage in real-time. It comes with a standard set of avatars of famous people, which you can also extend. This works with Zoom, MS Teams, Skype and Slack.

The developer though mentioned this is not about deep-fakes but the goal is to have a fast, safe AI-powered way of communication.

Try it and find the complete steps via

Sufficiently Advanced Technology and Justice — Hackaday

Imagine that you’re serving on a jury, and you’re given an image taken from a surveillance camera. It looks pretty much like the suspect, but the image has been “enhanced” by an AI from the original. Do you convict? How does this weigh out on the scales of reasonable doubt? Should you demand to see […]

Sufficiently Advanced Technology and Justice — Hackaday

Find Your Inner Poet with Google’s Verse by Verse AI

“when art and science intertwine, the world becomes much more fine”… yep that’s a sad attempt of the poet in me.. well i hope things get better as today Google launched Verse by Verse, an experiment using artificial intelligence (AI) to augment the creative process of composing a poem.

using Verse by Verse, you can compose a poem with suggestions coming from some of America’s classic poets: Dickinson, Whitman, Poe, Wheatley, Longfellow and others. in order to make this possible, they’ve trained AI systems that provide suggestions in the style of each individual poet to act as your muses while you compose a poem of your own.

Verse by Verse is a creative helper and for sure an inspiration. try it out! visit [] or learn more via [Google Blog]