Meet the new Apple iPad Air

Apple recently launched its latest tablet, iPad Air. check out its official trailer below. 

“The new iPad Air is unbelievably thin and light. And yet it’s so much more powerful and capable. With the A7 chip, advanced wireless, and great apps for productivity and creativity — all beautifully integrated with iOS 7 — iPad Air lets you do more than you ever imagined. In more places than you ever imagined.”

Microsoft’s Courier Tablet

many PINOYs like the rest of the world are hooked with Apple’s iPad tablet, but unknown to many, Microsoft as early as two years ago was also cooking its very own Courier tablet.

the Courier, which was later killed shortly after Apple iPad hit the market, sported dual 7in screens, a mix of multi-touch and pen-based computing, and a user experience totally aimed at content creators. 

see for yourself and decide if its worth looking forward to:


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Apple Unveils iPad 2

IT PINOYs wait is over, Apple’s Steve Jobs just announced the release of the much-anticipated iPad 2 slated by March 11.

here’s some key features:
  • 33% thinner
  • 15% lighter
  • faster (dual core A5 chip)
  • 2 cameras (facetime)
  • uses smart cover
  • 10-hour battery life

iPad 2‘s all new design will definitely be “less in your hands, more at your fingertips!”

Two iPads per Person per Lifetime??

IT PINOYs will be surprised to know this – it appears you can only own two iPads in your lifetime!

Peter Ha of TechLand went on telling this story:

“While waiting for the next available register, I overheard one of the sales associates telling a woman who wanted to purchase two 64GB iPads that she wasn’t allowed to. Why? Because she had already purchased two iPads from the 5th Avenue store an hour earlier:

‘You’re only allowed to purchase two iPads in your lifetime, ma’am.’


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Apple iPad Sale Slows Down

ITPINOYs and the tech world were probably not too surprised that last friday’s release of apple ipad was insanely successful – imagine this, apple has sold 51k units in just two hours and wounded up selling around 120k units on the same day it was made online!
the rush however seems to have simmered down as reports have shown a steady drop of sales over the weekend.

some attributed this to reports like how apple is planning to treat battery failures (they will just replace the whole unit for $99), it also includes a text-to-speech tool (which caused legal issues with amazon), and that it’s 3G edition does not require a service contract (instead allows users to pay $4.99/mo for 250MB data or $29.99/mo for an unlimited deal).

Apple Launches iPad

the long wait is over, Apple’s very own tablet, iPad has arrived and everyone’s already waiting in line to own one!

these are some of the tech specs:

height/width: 9.56in / 7.47in
weight: 1.5lbs (wi-fi model); 1.6lbs (wi-fi+3G)
display: 9.7in and fingerprint-resistant (kewl!)
capacity: 16gb/32gb/64gb flash drive
processor: 1GHz Apple A4 custom
battery: built-in 25whr battery (rechargeable), up to 10hrs life, usb power adapter
I/O: built-in speaker, mic, sim card tray
it has also a built-in browser (safari), mail video, and can run about 140k apps @ your fingertips!

some key features are missing though, like a webcam, ability to play flash and do multi-tasking. in essence, it’s just like a BIG iTouch!

nonetheless, if you’re thinking of buying a netbook or kindle, you might want to think again… cause you can get this kewl baby for as low as $499!!!!

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