RP ranks 4th in most Conficker-infected countries in SEA

a russian-based security company just listed Philippines as the 4th nation with the most number of Conficker virus infections in South East Asia.

Viatly Kamluk, director of Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team alarmingly stated today that around 126,594 computers have been infected as of march 2009 in the Philippines.

topping the list (in the same region) is Malaysia with 212,477 computers followed by Thailand (165,080) and Indonesia (164,794). globally, the Philippines ranked 19th.

with software piracy pretty much prevalent in the country, i don’t know how the government and the IT sectors can further control this. this is indeed alarming and all IT PINOYs should be made aware of this.

read more [abs-cbnnews.com]

my top 3 tek today!

it’s lent and i’m on vacation mode, so i just did a quick browse tonight. here’s my top three technology news i’d like to share with you IT PINOYs:

conficker.c makes it’s move!
spotted by Trend Micro, a new file is found on the so-called “honeypot” machines seeded with the virus. it was further reported that the file arrived via a peer-to-peer transfer. more on [news.bbc.co.uk]

1st RP hacking settled
the alleged hacking case (first cybercrime in the country) against Roschelle Claro by former employer Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation (VMC) has been settled. more on [inquirer.net]

this is the kewlest i’ve seen today… see more [i.gizmodo.com]

conficker fools april 1

yeah, the end of the tech world didn’t happen on april 1 (which is quite obvious). in spite of the voluminous news about the conficker virus (@technologian, thanks for the correction) seems like nothing happened or nothing has happened or nothing ever will!!!

google’s cadie was a crazier story than this! i dont know if this conficker news was just all hype. nonetheless it sure did scare the hell out of many…

technologyinsanity put it best in his video.