Joe Biden elected as 46th POTUS – how were votes counted?

It has just been announced the Joe Biden will be elected as the 46th President of the United States beating Donald Trump.  Ever wonder how US election ballot counting works?  Check out this nice video by

Comelec Urges Bloggers Cover 2010 Elections

raring to cover the upcoming 2010 Philippine National Elections? well here’s your chance as COMELEC (Commission on Elections) has opened up doors for us bloggers to write about the event.

COMELEC is formulating a “framework of cooperation” for bloggers to cover key points of the election – such as voter education and field testing of counting machines,

“We believe that bloggers represent a significant part of the general public to be informed about the most recent developments in elections automation,” james jimenez, COMELEC spokesman said.


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It’s a Go – RP 2010 Poll Automation

nearly a week after the winning bidder’s quarrel, Smartmatic and TIM have come together to revive their commitment in automating the Philippine’s 2010 elections.

“We honor the commitment given to Comelec to continue with the project, for the benefit of the Philippines. We are already working with the majority of the Filipino people in their quest for automated elections and, together we will make this a successful project,” Smartmatic said.

COMELEC acted today as the presider for the two warring companies and they were both reminded that they “will be held liable severally and jointly” if they fail to provide services in accordance with their contract.

ngek, “LQ” lang pala! 🙂


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Philippine 2010 Poll Automation – in the rocks!

just when everyone thought the coast was clear for the 2010 poll automations, the winning bidders recent joust – Smartmatic and TIM – just proved how far this saga could go.

“The question is why is TIM now asserting itself against its partner Smartmatic to the point of jeopardizing the whole automation process? I think it’s not just about the money. Perhaps TIM is deliberately sabotaging the automation because it could not get its way in controlling Smartmatic’s system for the benefit of its power backers,” Rep Robert Casiño stated.

now in case this doesn’t push through, i don’t think COMELEC has a choice but to go back to it’s manual computing.. haaay Pilipinas olats talaga!


Philippine Poll Automation – the saga continues

barely less than a year left, finally the Philippine Senate just approved the PhP11.3bil budget for the automation of the 2010 elections. the supplemental budget according to the commission on elections (comelec) will serve to lease 80thou precinct count optical scans.

now awaiting the signature of PGMA, then the bidding for the machine starts. looks like we’ll gonna have an automated poll by 2010 after all! let’s wait & see… as from past experience, politics happen even during the bidding + some groups worry that the automation would still not eradicate fraudulent results.

damn politics! if they only knew how much life would be easier for everyone if this get’s done.. as they say, if there’s a will there’s a way.. and if they really wanna cheat, they’ll find ways to do it (no matter what)!

anyway, this poll automation is a good saga to follow, let’s all see what comes next!