LiveMap Brings Motobike Helmet with Navigation

the future motorbike drivers might soon be exciting as LiveMap is looking to fund a project that would bring built-in navigation and augmented reality into helmets.

the motorbike helmet, which is currently listed on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, comes with technology and features so powerful only fighter pilots currently have access and is backed up by the Moscow Department of Science.

so we can all imagine a motorbike helmet with Google Map, right? 🙂


Google Engineer Proposes to Girlfriend using Google Maps

this could give the romantic PINOYs an idea how to use technology when proposing to their chosen ones, see how Google software engineer Ari Gilder used Google Maps to direct his girlfriend around New York en route to her prize, a wedding proposal.

Ari Gilder orchestrated the “ultimate romantic scavenger hunt” for his girlfriend, Faigy, to ask for her hand in marriage.

“I recently decided to propose to my girlfriend, Faigy. I knew I wanted to do something meaningful and —yes—a little over the top, so I decided to put my software engineering skills to work to create the ultimate romantic scavenger hunt. On the road to ‘The Big Question,’ I wanted Faigy to visit places around New York City that were filled with memories of our relationship. My plan was to construct a map of the route and get my girlfriend from one destination to the next, all with the element of surprise. Google Maps gave me the tools I needed to make the magic happen.” said Gilder via Google Blog.

now if you know any better PINOY (geeky) marriage proposals, who could beat this story, just post it here! 🙂

Filipino Wins Google Map Maker Global Competition

an IT PINOY, Wayne Dell Manuel, has captured glory by winning the first ever Google Map Maker Global Competition!

23yr-old Wayne (a software developer @ the UP National Telehealth Center) has contributed more than 1500 map features, won a USD50K donation from UNICEF for the Philippines.

“I’m so excited to have won this global competition because it represents a win not just for me, but also for the Philippines,” said Wayne. “To be frank, I entered the competition to win the US$50,000 for our country, and I hope that my win encourages more Filipinos to contribute to making the online map of our country even better. We Filipinos are known for our spirit of bayanihan, and this is a great way for us to come together in the Internet era to make life better for our fellow kababayans by literally putting their communities on the digital map.”

the global mapping competition (dec15 2009 to jan31 2010) hopes to improve maps of places we all know and love, plus a chance at becoming a local hero.

encouraging ALL IT PINOYs to do the same and put Philippines to the Google Map!! 🙂


putting Philippines in the map

glad to hear from a news that a lot of IT PINOYs have started putting information about the Philippines in Google Map. reported a great increase of detail specifically on davao city maps today compared to last year, aug ’08.
if interested in adding info to google map, just go to and there you can plot regions, landmarks, and roads!

i also found an alternative site you can add google maps via

‘thought this would be good to further promote the country especially to tourists more so to PINOYs who lived abroad and haven’t been to the country (like my cousins). ‘thought having them see what our country like (even via google’s satellite view) they would know not everything in our postcards are coconuts and beaches! haha

let’s all work hand in hand in putting the country in the map!