sun and microsoft

oh yeah finally they’re working together!

i guess these guys are the new apple and microsoft of this generation. (wait, for the IT PINOY’s who didn’t know – apple and microsoft are the nora and vilma of the IT industry). also if you remember, when the pc became big in the 90’s, apple’s desktop plummetted and in a book i read it mentioned that steve jobs actually met with bill gates to work out a deal between their companies. i can see the same right now between SUN microsystems and microsoft.

according to, microsoft recently turned on to it’s old foe – the SUN microsystems and irked out a deal to further increase their (microsoft) internet search traffic.

it was agreed that SUN will promote a microsoft toolbar for the internet explorer browser to american-based web surfers as they download SUN’s JAVA software. this toolbar has a built-in box for queries to microsoft’s live search and buttons that give people access to MSN content.

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