Lists Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

IT PINOYs and rest of the Philippine work force, who are interested to know whether their current salaries are competitive or not, will find this report from useful 

Jobstreet lists the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines, which shows an averaged salary per specialization per level based on Jan 01-Mar 31, 2013 data.

Fresh Graduates earn an average of Php16K.

1-4 years of experience (junior execs), IT PINOYs averaged Php32K. 

5yrs and up (supervisors) – IT analysts are the highest paid averaging Php55K.

tech support managers are the top earners averaging Php115K

another tip to check if your current salary is competitive is to check with they also offer company culture reviews from current and past employees, which will help you to know more about the company you might be applying for.


Jobstreet: 57.19% Filipinos Confident with Current Job Market

Jobstreet Employee Confidence Index (ECI) reported today that around 57.19% of IT PINOYs are confident with the current job market.

the monthly JobStreet ECI poll started in Jan2000, and measures the employee’s confidence in the job market place. ranging from zero (very poor) to 100 (very good), a low index shows a tough job market while a high index shows a good job opportunities. this index fluctuates with time — its trend is an important indication to the production and economic development of the nation.

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jobstreet’s Q1 09 job outlook survey – bleak!

yesterday i got a chance to see‘s job outlook survey for the 1st quarter of ’09.

the survey answers the following questions:

  1. will companies employ more or less workers in ’09 compared to ’08?
  2. what about salary increases in ’09 compared to ’08?
  3. the last question pertains to job outlook of ’09 compared to ’08?
unfortunately, with the current economic turmoil, like myself i believe IT PINOYs wouldn’t like what they’ll see…. the survey was completed last dec ’08 with more than 900 respondents. you can download the complete report [here].

an irony however i found is that this survey result contradicts‘s previous survey on the Pinoys confidence in the job market where Philippines fared well compared to our neighbor countries.

in summary, how companies see the current job market is inversely proportional with how IT PINOYs see chances of getting employed!!! ahh the another PINOY dream!

PINOY confidence in job market – good!

just updated my jobstreet account today (okay it wouldn’t hurt if i update my profile right? 😉 ) and took part of a survey – “JobStreet Employee Confidence Index.”

the survey hopes to measure the PINOYs confidence in the current job market. and i bet this result will make our graduating students glad as in spite of the glooming worldwide economy, 28% of PINOYs considered things still “good!”

check out the survey below…

jobstreet is still the #1 job site in the Philippines!