Another Manic Monday

IT PINOYs all ready know about Intel’s closure in the Philippines last week, which caused around 3000 PINOYs ending up jobless. wait till you see how much worst it is once you see this figure…

in the USA it was a manic monday indeed as around 71,400 cuts have been made as of January 26 alone.

200,000 job cuts have been announced so far this year, and nearly 2.6 million jobs were lost in 2008. this is the highest yearly job-loss total since 1945!!!

the last time i saw this number was after the millennium bug and the quick rise/fall of DOTCOM (2000). i remember thousands of IT PINOYs were sent back home as they lost their H1-B sponsorships (i for one was one of them :()

but like the last recession, i still believe that things will settle in a couple of months..

read more about the report from CNET News.

Google Lays off 100

the last quarter of 08 was a bombardment of IT layoffs in the Philippines. @ the start of 09 there had been news that microsoft itself will lay off 15000 of its workforce worldwide. here comes another sad news – google has announced layoffs of around 100 people – most of them from HR.

Accenture Manila released 500 of it’s people today (jan15)!!!!!
we’re still not so sure about the truth of this so feel free to confirm/correct me. if this is true, it’s indeed a sad day for our IT PINOYs today! 😦

“We know this change will be very difficult for the people concerned, and we hope that many of them will be able to find new roles at Google. They helped build this company, new hire by new hire, and we are enormously grateful for everything they have done.”

read more [here].