Disney’s Christmas ad bring Filipinos back home

Christmas is almost upon us and for Filipinos this is the most awaited event of the year as families and loved ones come together. It’s just fitting Disney’s latest Christmas ad depicted Filipino values during this time. For everyone to know, Philippine Christmas is unique, it’s genuinely and surprisingly warm. Pure joy is in the air, you can smell and feel it.  People are all smiles, families and friends come together to celebrate. It’s just different, and anyone should experience it for themselves.

Check out this heart-warming story #FromOurFamilyToYours of Lola (”grandmother” in Filipino), it brings back the nostalgia of the past and how lanterns and old Mickey could bring back beauty, warmth, love in families.  

Share a family festive memory on InstagramFacebook or Twitter with the following hashtag: #LoveFromDisney and Disney will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish® (up to $100,000 US) on your behalf. 

See more [Disney Ireland]

Trivia: Philippines start Christmas celebrations at the start of the “BER” months (September) probably the longest in the world.


java love

found this in hivelogic, thought it was funny and true!

Ernie: great. the test server now crashes when i declare a boolean variable. great. friggin wonderful.
hivelogic: in java, no one can hear you scream
Ernie: “Type mismatch: cannot convert boolean to java.lang.Boolean.”
hivelogic: yes, that’s correct
Ernie: all i have is “Boolean noFields = true;”
hivelogic: a boolean isn’t a Boolean
hivelogic: lower case
Ernie: oh jeezus H christ
hivelogic: Boolean is an object
hivelogic: boolean is not
hivelogic: you want a boolean
hivelogic: not a Boolean
hivelogic: My java mentor once told me “When Java appears to be doing something weird, it’s always the programmer.”
Ernie: i know i know
Ernie: i still blame you