Hello, Miss Universe 2021

Andrea Meza of Mexico is Miss Universe 2021

The recently crowned Miss Universe is Andrea Meza from Mexico and she is a software developer. We should join congratulate her by instead of saying… 22 more words

Say Hello to Miss Universe 2021 — set it good

As a way to congratulate the new Miss Universe 🙂

class HelloUniverse {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello, Universe!"); 

pinoy bloggers!

to begin with, i’m amazed @ how many PINOY blogs are out there right now... i remember writing my first blog five years ago and i swear i never thought how big of a hit blogging would be to all PINOY’s!

the somehow sad thing however is just like before, right now while searching through the web, i haven’t found a blog that focuses on the PINOY information technology (IT). i actually found one (PINOYIT) but it hasn’t been updated for two years now, sayang ‘tol!

so why an IT PINOY blog?
all PINOY programmers are still subscribed to newsgroups and forums to get their programming questions answered… up to now PINOY’s still doesn’t have it’s own major reference point for programming or computing concepts. what else have PINOY’s accomplished? how much have we contributed to this industry (which undoubtedly have been good to us) can we even contribute something?

i attended the SUN Tech Days held last june here in manila, and the sun peeps actually posted a question and a challenge to us IT PINOY’s. aside from the infamous “I LOVE YOU” virus a local created and put IT PINOY’s in the map, will a PINOY be able create the next google or a youtube? will it even ever happen? hindi yung gaya-gaya puto maya ha at gumawa lang giggle or youtsup?! i mean how can an IT PINOY help revolutionize this industry and not just mere consumers.

i hope this blog will be a good start to answer that question.

and i can’t do it alone, i believe there’s too many brilliant IT PINOY practitioners out there (even far better than me) so feel free to post suggestions for topics and let’s discuss it here.