Deepfake Zoom Calls with Avatarify

Working remotely and attending video-conference calls going to be more exciting as a Computer Graphics developer developed Avatarify, an AI-powered software allowing use of “photorealistic avatars.”

Ali Aliev, a Computer Graphics from Moscow developed Avatarify, which processes video footage in real-time. It comes with a standard set of avatars of famous people, which you can also extend. This works with Zoom, MS Teams, Skype and Slack.

The developer though mentioned this is not about deep-fakes but the goal is to have a fast, safe AI-powered way of communication.

Try it and find the complete steps via

NBA and fans together again via Microsoft Teams

NBA is back!  Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people still found way to restart the games and is utilizing technology to help bring a sense of normalcy.  22 teams in the NBA bubble won’t be playing with their fans live BUT they will be there video-conferencing via MS Teams.  With many on lockdown since March this year, workers were relegated to use virtual meetings such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Slack and MS Teams among others to connect.  Let’s see how this works when NBA officially starts!

skype away!

five years after it’s launch, skype is now the largest long-distance phone company!

skype‘s cross-border traffic grew approximately 41% in ’08 to 33B mins – equivalent to 8% of combined intl. telephone + skype traffic.

now, with the “skype for SIP” beta program released, wherein they have now enabled traditional business phone communication to go through skype, things are expected to look even brighter.

for the IT PINOY‘s, skype is a free software that offers VOIP call service. you can do calls to landline, mobile, pc-to-pc (skype-to-skype) anywhere in the world to anyone who’s online. for skype-to-skype, you can do free calls, video calls and messages.

the skype rates are cheaper compared to other local services like pldt, globe and smart. check out the rates [here]