Should IT Pinoys worry about ageism

found this post from stackoverflow asking, “Should developers worry about ageism?”

here’s the snapshot of the question – “Having worked in software development for 12 years, I’ve recently started to worry about ageism in the industry. Seeing I’m not too bad at what I do I’ve never really worried about where my next job’s going to come from, but the more I look around me the younger software developers seem to get.

Although I feel I’m now at the top of my programming game, I have some management experience and I’m now wondering if I should make a fully-fledged leap from development to ensure future career security.

I know ageism has traditionally be linked with the IT industry, but given modern employment law makes discrimination illegal, is ageism still a real problem for software developers? Or are my aging neurons deluding me?”

sharing here my reply to his post:
“i’m glad to have seen this (post).. i share your sentiment as i am also in the IT industry for a dozen years now, and i’ve started asking myself the same things…

in the past 5 years i’ve been doing both administrative and technical tasks. i just couldn’t leave programming and all that crazy stuff behind. although management is as challenging as coding, but my heart and passion still longs for doing the dirty work..

my stand is if we can do both, we’ve got an edge. not everyone can excel @ managing people and doing technical tasks @ the same time (my previous senior manager told me about this once, he made me realize my other gifts and rethink my career goals). with age comes wisdom and i guess that’s our edge over the newbies. if the passion for newer things are there, don’t lose it. if higher opportunities comes our way, lets consider them!

even steve jobs and bill gates has to pass the baton…”

generally speaking I.T. is pretty much a young field compared to the others more so here in the Philippines. some have probably asked themselves the same question posted, so let me know what you think!