Beware of Fake "Ondoy" Antivirus

Ondoy seems not only wreaked havoc on the Philippine islands, news from stated that even the cybercriminals have used this event to fool anyone and download a fake antivirus.

Trend Micro reported several malicious sites that will take users to other sites which contains a trojan called TROJ_FAKEAV.BND, a fake antivirus application.

IT PINOYs, be aware! be safe!

Typhoon Ondoy & Philippines – Tweet and Act

the heavy downpour of rain and floods over the weekend has amassed sympathy and support from everyone. online IT PINOYs made sure this become a trending topic now in Twitter.

typhoon ONDOY (Ketsana) has caused hundreds of lives lost (around 100 now reported) plus thousands of PINOYs displaced.

let’s not just tweet this but act! consumer group TXTPower is urging PINOYs abroad to help the typhoon victims though donations via Paypal.

these donations will be sent to the Philippine National Red Cross. donations can also be made via SmartMoney (5577-5144-1866-7103), GCash (0917-9751092), or directly to Red Cross.


*image nabbed from [buboy san andres]