NBA Finals’ Funny Memes

everyone including PINOYs witnessed how Miami Heat forced a Game 7 and finally winning the NBA Championship against San Antonio Spurs.

well PINOYs  humorous as they are – laughed at many web memes pertaining to the series.

check out Yahoo’s “20 of the Funniest #NBAFinals memes.

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Yahoo! Philippines Gives Apple iPad

here’s a chance for IT PINOYs to win an apple iPad, through Yahoo! Philippines’ Meme of the week challenge.

Yahoo! Philippines will post topics every 2 weeks through it’s Newsroom account. the topics ranges from sports, travel, news, music, celebrities and much more.

Your challenge is to create an outstanding entry based on the topics provided. You may post pictures, videos, music or text (up to 2000 characters).

for the finale, IT PINOYs are encouraged to post who their favorite performers and artists are (local or international).

Yahoo Re-emerges Greets Everyone with "It’s You!"

Yahoo is set to revive it’s claim to the internet world via it’s “It’s You!” tagline.

founded by Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang, rose to prominence in the 90s and became the major internet brand for search, content verticals and other web services.

the massive global marketing campaign is said to amount around $100mil, let’s see if this strategy would pay off.


Goodbye GeoCities

yahoo! has announced it will be closing geocities soon.

geocities is one of the original web-hosting services which was acquired by yahoo in 1999. however with newer (and better) social platforms in town (like facebook, multiply, friendster), geocities found a hard time catching up and a steady decline of its usage was recorded by ComScore.

i’ve gathered here some techcrunch comments;

“My first site was actually on Angelfire (anyone remember them), but I do remember quickly moving over to Geocities – can’t remember the reason behind it though. I believe it was because of the neighborhoods – making it easier for others to find your site.” (michael wells)

“I feel old. My nephew, who is 14 and codes circles around me, asked ‘what was GeoCities’.” (jill)

“…as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.” (duncan winter)

“Hi — I worked for GeoCities. To me, GeoCities really expired when Yahoo acquired it. On a purely surface level, yeah, GeoCities was a just free web hosting service with a whole lot of ugly pages (myspace, anyone??). But it was already way more than that when Yahoo acquired it. It really GOT the spirit of online community and was exploring ways to innovate further — which is what made it so awesome to work there (we focused on people and usability). It pioneered everything we now call social media/networking from blogging to category clouds to tweeting, etc.” (liza)

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yahoo! philippines says yahoo!

looks like yahoo! philippines isn’t worried about the gloomy economy, in fact they feel quite “bullish” this year for they see a lot of opportunities in the country.

“Despite the gloom and doom scenarios, our industry continues to thrive,” Joselito Añonuevo, Yahoo! Philippines GM highlighted.

with much better IT infrastructure and web hosting getting cheaper (compared to say 8yrs ago), plus the fact that companies realizing the value of online ads, which is btw much cheaper compared to normal medium such as radio, tv & print, i couldn’t agree more.

truly there are still untapped markets in the Philippines that the IT PINOYs could very well grab, invest on and explore.

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